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MAG Avionics prides itself on being very competitive on pricing. However, several factors influence individual pricing on IFR and VFR certifications:

  1. Aircraft type
  2. Numbers of altimeters, transponders and encoders onboard
  3. Is aircraft opened up for other maintenance such as an annual or phase inspection
  4. Transponder type: Mode C or S
  5. Maximum altitude the altimeters and encoders need to be certified
  6. Are aircraft logbooks available at time of inspection
  7. Are other items requested along with the IFR or VFR certification?  For example, ELT testing, 30 day VOR check, barometric switch testing, ULB testing, etc…

If grouping several tasks together, discounts may be applied.

For all RVSM inspections, please call or fax your Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA's) and the specific inspection requirements out of your RVSM and or Maintenance Manual for a price quote. 

We also do RVSM Skin Mapping- Waviness Inspections.  Please include those requirements in your data package if needed.

Please call, email, or fill out our "Contact Us" form for an individual aircraft quote. 

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